Steven Guilbeault spending big money to justify Twitter block

The environment minister is sparing no tax dollar in his fight to rationalize blocking Ezra Levant on Twitter, ostensibly cutting him off from a government service.

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The way we gather information from government sources has changed a lot in recent times. In today's age of social media, bureaucrats regularly communicate with constituents via their social media platforms. Perhaps the most common platform for this outreach from the government is Twitter, a platform popular with Rebel News founder Ezra Levant.

Having spent the day in court for a lawsuit against Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault for blocking him on Twitter, Ezra joined guest host David Menzies on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to outline why this case matters.

Speaking about the importance of this seemingly strange case, Ezra told David:

If he [Guilbeault] can block me from one government service, why can't he block me from others? And we've seen this in the Trudeau government, their attestation you had to sign that you agreed with Trudeau on social policy or you wouldn't get a summer jobs grant for your company.

This is an important battle and it's an important legal battle and I want to set the precedent that politicians can't blacklist you from government services because they don't like you.

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