Tam commits Canada to strengthening the World Health Organization's power

After hitting all of the social justice buzzwords, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam says Canada will help decide on the next steps for the pandemic agreement and amendments to legally binding international health regulations.

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Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam committed the country to strengthening the World Health Organization's (WHO) powers at the World Health Assembly (WHA) this week in Geneva, Switzerland.

The WHA meets annually as the decision-making body of the WHO, comprised of member state health representatives and private interest groups. Representing Canada was unelected public health overlord Tam, who addressed one of the plenary sessions.

Tam committed Canada to strengthening the WHO’s powers through finalizing amendments to international health regulations and a new pandemic agreement, after touching on every social justice buzzword available.

Each year that the globalist health necromancers have gathered since the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebel News has attempted to keep track of who's saying what. Health Canada’s media relations team has not been much help, instead welcoming access to information filing requests, stating, “[The access to information request] team might have the time to contact all of the delegates and seek that level of details. It is not something that is made available to Media Relations unfortunately.”

This is despite the delegates of the WHA being comprised almost entirely of members from Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Did Health Canada and PHAC provide preparations to the Canadian delegates of the WHA? Why or why not? And if preparations took place, where can Canadians stay informed on what was discussed and how their delegations were developed, apart from referring back to an international organization and filing access to information requests?

For this year's WHA, the list of delegates is supposed to be public and updated. But the page is blank.

The WHA is a live-streamed event and multiple discussions, called committees, are happening simultaneously. There are also various side events, not being streamed, taking place at the same time.

Canada’s Tam not only partook but led at least one of them.

According to a post on X, Tam led a roundtable on strengthening health systems.

“An important part of this work is providing equal access to immunization so that all people around the world can experience the benefits of vaccination for health and well-being,” it reads.

There’s a saying that goes something like this: "Health doesn’t come from a needle." But Canada’s purported health leader thinks otherwise.

In a list of side events taking place over the week, that particular roundtable is described as focusing “on the critical work being undertaken by the WHO and Member States from all regions to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats, whether they arise from natural, accidental, or deliberate origins. It aims to highlight the WHO’s mandate, role and ongoing efforts to address deliberate disease events, and to identify opportunities for further support and multi-sectoral collaboration to enhance health security capacities at the national, regional and global levels.”

Rebel News queried the contact listed, Carla Santos Tellez, for clarification on how transparently government representatives represent Canadians abroad.

Where can Canadians learn more about this roundtable? Will Tam’s speech or the discussion be broadcast publicly, why or why not? And how do unelected public health officials ensure that their talking points reflect that of the voting populace of Canada?

And why does Canada’s unelected “lead public health professional” have next to no tangible experience in the field, apart from a “medical degree” and a few certificates? How did Tam get placed at the helm of global decision-making as a health head of state, committing Canada to strengthen WHO powers as though we live in a pharmaceutical industrial dictatorship where citizens have no say?

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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