Tamara Lich on organizing the Freedom Convoy, which province showed the most support

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich tells The Ezra Levant Show what it was like to organize the massive Freedom Convoy and which province showed the most support for the anti-restriction, anti-mandate protest.

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The Freedom Convoy was the largest Canadian civil liberties demonstration in a generation, as truckers and their supporters from across the country converged on Ottawa for nearly a month in protest of COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.

At the heart of the convoy was Tamara Lich, an unassuming trucking logistics specialist who became the face of the protest.

She joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to talk about her new book and shed some light on what it was like organizing the massive convoy and where support was the strongest.

Speaking about what it was like organizing the massive convoy of trucks, Tamara told Ezra:

A lot of that stuff had to be done on the fly, because we didn't know when we started how big this was going to grow. So when we pulled into Arnprior, [Ont., a town not far from Ottawa], on the 28th of January, we were 100km long.

So, you know, there's the safety aspect, keeping the truckers safe, but also keeping the supporters that were on the side of the road safe. I mean, they were coming right out onto the highway, tossing food in our windows.

There was a lot of aspects that occurred in real time on the ground that we had to mitigated, and rifts and everything. Again, I can't say enough about the people I worked with here, they were just all professional.

Having driven across the country and receiving such great support along the way, Ezra asked Tamara which place had the fondest reception for the Freedom Convoy?

Absolutely hands down Manitoba. When we got to Headingley [a small town outside Winnipeg], and all around the perimeter, almost to the Ontario border believe it or not, was thousands and thousands of supporters. 

By this time already we knew that we were growing, and the momentum was really growing, and I've said this before, but we're driving down the highway and I look out the window and to my right is Native dancers drumming in their full regalia, standing beside a group of young Sikh gentlemen, who were standing beside Hutterite women and children holding signs, beside nuns in full habits, Catholic nuns.

That was one of the most profound moments for me, because I realized the unity that we were seeing, that we hadn't seen in so long. It didn't matter what colour your skin was, what God you worshipped, how much money you earned in a year, which part of the country you were from — you were just a Canadian and we were celebrating that again.

To what it was like from Tamara Lich's perspective as she organized the Freedom Convoy leading up to her eventual arrest and detainment in Ottawa, visit TheConvoyBook.com.

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