Thanks to you: We FORCED health officials to explain their advice under oath

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Back in October, Rebel News filed a blockbuster constitutional challenge against the State of Victoria's COVID restrictions.

Monday marked the end of that trial, where we finally got the chance to hold the feet of our unelected health officials to the fire.

During the trial, our legal team took the opportunity to question the legality of some of Dan Andrews' directives to shut down political communications, including our right to protest.

This was the first time any of the bureaucrats behind these lockdown restrictions were forced to justify their decision to silence dissent towards the government under oath.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kerry Cotterill, who became one of our first Fight The Fines cases last year after police fined her $1,652 for walking outside alone while holding a hand-drawn sign of Dan Andrews calling for his removal from office.

Despite the fine, Kerry has remained on the offensive. She still walks around with that sign in protest!

I caught up with Kerry as she exited the courthouse. (click here to watch)

Our world-class legal team did a remarkable job exposing Victoria's unelected health officials, who were knighted as our de facto rulers practically overnight.

Read the lawsuit here:

We didn't vote for any of these people, so how did they get to a position where they could dictate the law?

And if we learned anything during the proceedings, it's that none of their decisions were based on science like they want us to believe.

Now that the trial has wrapped up, we are waiting on the judge's decision. Win or lose, you will be the first to know when we learn what it is. We'll also provide you with a transcript of the incriminating cross-examination of "expert witnesses" produced by the state.

Make sure to click here and sign up so we can send you the:

  1. transcript of the incriminating cross-examination of "expert witnesses" produced by the state
  2. judge's ruling on the matter

And if you’re as grateful for the work of the legal team as I am, please help me crowdfund their fees, by clicking here. (Thank you.)

**If there’s any surplus in the legal defence fund left over after this trial, we’ll apply it to our Fight The Fines project, to help other Australians whose lockdown tickets we’re fighting in court.
You can get your hands on your very own "toot to boot" T-shirt featuring Kerry's hilarious artwork of Dan Andrews exclusively at the Rebel News Store — just click here.


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