The challenge for Dan Andrews' Mulgrave electorate shows 'white hot' community anger

The Victorian Premier has never faced such a fight to keep his seat of Mulgrave with a wide-ranging field of 13 contenders looking to take his place.

The challenge for Dan Andrews' Mulgrave electorate shows 'white hot' community anger
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No less than 13 candidates are contesting Dan Andrews seat of Mulgrave in a bid to oust the Victorian Premier from parliament.

In each of the past three elections the Premier was challenged for his seat by only four other candidates.

The 13 contenders for Andrews’ seat at this election, many of whom had never been involved in politics previously, said community anger was white hot over issues ranging from Andrews’ handling of the pandemic to the state of Victoria’s health system.

Some, such as Kim Jong-un impersonator Howard Lee, said they were running simply to mock the Premier.

“It’s the best middle finger a voter can give to the Premier and their preferences will flow through to another candidate who has a chance,” he said.

But others, like Ian Cook, believe they have a genuine chance to unseat Andrews who holds the seat by a margin of 15.8 per cent.

Cook, running as an independent, became known to Victorians three years ago after his family-owned catering business was closed amid accusations health inspectors had planted a slug on the premises.

“This is not a stunt and it’s not about revenge,” he told the Herald Sun.

“After three years of seeing first-hand how corruption is devastating Victoria, I can’t sit by and let Daniel Andrews pretend that he is fit for public office.”

Cook’s campaign was boosted by 150 volunteers who signed up in just one week to help him on election day.

He is rated by most pundits as the best chance to win an unlikely victory against a sitting Premier.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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