The Dave Chappelle show must go on, even if the radical trans community throws a tantrum

The radical trans community is not happy with Dave Chappelle, but as the saying goes, the show must go on.

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The forever offended fringe element of the LGBTQQ2SS++ & Sometimes Y Community appeared to be mightily upset when Dave Chappelle announced he would visit Toronto's Scotiabank Arena on November 15 to screen his latest documentary.

The spirit unicorns and their “allies” are still reeling from the fact that Netflix did not succumb to the czars and czarinas of cancel culture and pull Chappelle’s latest show The Closer.

Apparently, The Closer is “transphobic.”

While transphobia is in the eyes of the beholder, who gives a rodent’s rectum if some spirit unicorn was — gasp — offended? Besides, Chappelle makes fun of black women, white men, Jews, and others so why are gender warriors worthy of special protection?

And by the way, exactly what did Dave Chappelle say in his comedy special that was so offensive to the radical trans community?

Indeed, one wonders if many of his critics have even seen the show. The Closer seems somewhat tame to me (but then again, I’m a fan of Andrew Dice Clay and the late, great Sam Kinison).

I wouldn’t even call the content about transgender people in the special “jokes” — Chappelle was making observations about trans people. Is that offside, too, in this day and age of censorship and political correctness?

It seems that the bit of Chappelle's commentary which has caused so many trans people to get their knickers in a knot is this: “Gender is a fact, every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. That is a fact.”

Shockers! What world do we live in wherein men pretending to be women and vice versa are so utterly offended by Biology 101?

It was also very telling that the radical trans lunatic fringe and their Antifa allies did not protest the Chappelle show on Monday night outside Scotiabank Arena.

I recall when feminist Meghan Murphy visited a Toronto public library back in October 2019 to deliver a speech on gender identity, the trans cancel culture mob was out in full force.

These zealots tried to deplatform Murphy’s lecture, which was delivered to a few dozen people converging inside a small library. But when there are some 20,000 fans coming to see Dave Chappelle, suddenly these censorious thugs go AWOL.

Funny that.

Even so, the keyboard warriors at Pride Toronto made certain to release a statement condemning the Dave Chappelle event.

The irony is both profound and perverse: while members of the alphabet soup community have long clamoured for tolerance and understanding, they seem to have zero tolerance and zero understanding should one have the temerity to express an opinion differing from their own politically correct narrative.

Talk about a joke without a punchline...

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  • By David Menzies

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