The Democracy Fund bringing free legal advice to Ottawa protesters

The charity has put out a press release advising they are sending lawyers to Canada’s capital to provide legal information for peaceful protesters.

The Democracy Fund bringing free legal advice to Ottawa protesters
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The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a registered non-partisan charity with the goal of promoting constitutional rights in Canada through litigation and education.

Rebel News has worked extensively with TDF on many of our Fight The Fines and Fight Vaccine Passports cases. Their lawyers have been working hard throughout the pandemic response to stand up for the civil rights of Canadians, and have had many successes.

Rebel has also worked alongside TDF’s Dr. Julie Ponesse, an accomplished and well-respected PhD specializing in ethics and ancient philosophy who has hosted the charity's freedom-oriented town hall events and delivered several speeches surrounding the ethics of forced COVID-19 injections.

Now, with the world watching the truckers' convoy in Canada, and in particular the flurry of events continuing at Ottawa, TDF is focusing in on how it can help those who are standing in solidarity with that movement.

Ottawa, while not as packed full of people as the first weekend of the protests over Jan. 29–30, is still abuzz with people, speeches, dancing and protests.

TDF put out a press release today stating that they are sending two of their in-house lawyers to the protests near Parliament Hill to “ensure that peaceful protesters have access to justice during the Freedom Convoy 2022”.

The lawyers will be arriving today, and will answer questions and provide important legal information for those protesting in the name of civil liberties. Protesters who are in need of legal information can visit to fill out a form requesting that TDF contact them.

Don’t need legal advice but want to help out the cause? Rebel News is crowdfunding the legal fees for truckers who are currently protesting at the Canada-U.S. border in Coutts, Alberta. Lawyer Chad Williamson is on the file, and is ready to fight back as negotiations and standoffs continue with the RCMP. For more information and to support our journalists who are working around the clock to provide fair, honest coverage (something the mainstream media is not interested in doing), click here.

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