The desired outcome is locking down longer | Andrew Lawton with Ezra Levant

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Canadian provinces have begun announcing their plans to reopen. Outside of Alberta, the other province's feature plans that do not actually feature an end to all restrictive measures.

Ontario, for example, has a three-stage plan that requires 70–80 per cent of the province's adult population to have received one vaccine dose, alongside 25 per cent having had both doses.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, True North's Andrew Lawton joined Ezra to talk about the different plans we've recently seen released from Canadian provincial governments. 

Speaking about the Ontario's plan to reopen — which, with vaccine status also features a mandatory three weeks between stages — Andrew told Ezra that:

Well the 21-day measure is the particularly insidious one, because that's actually proof that they're just trying to delay reopening...

If vaccines are so transcendent and they are the be-all and end-all of this, why is the government not actually pegging any of these reopening's to vaccine rates in some areas? And on the other hand, why are they? It's about picking and choosing based on the desired outcome, which seems to be, at this point, keeping people locked down for longer.

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