The EU advises its citizens to 'work from home to beat Putin'

The big brains working at the European Parliament have got just the solution to defeat Vladimir Putin once and for all.

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With the last few years of stay-at-home orders from many Western leaders such as Canada's Justin Trudeau, the U.K.'s Boris Johnson, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern, Australia's Dan Andrews and many others from Europe, the European Union is now asking its citizens to stop buying energy from Russia in a bid to stop the support to Russia, this means that ordinary EU citizens have been advised to:

  • Heat their homes less in winter, and turn the air conditioning down in summer
  • Drive more slowly on highways, with the car air conditioning turned down, which uses less fuel
  • Use the train instead of flying
  • Travel by public transport, walk, or cycle
  • Promote car-free Sundays

This is to ensure the toppling of Putin's war machine.

In this report, I go through this article and ask you, the viewer, do you really think after the treatment of innocent people over the last few years, we are to take this seriously?

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