The Garbage at California's Door | Amala Ekpunobi & Lewis Brackpool on Andrew Says #72

Should student debt be cancelled, will Trump return to a Musk-owned Twitter, and the backlash for questioning social justice: PragerU's and Rebel News U.K. reporter Lewis Brackpool join Andrew Says.

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Rebel News U.K. reporter Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool) and Amala Ekpunobi (@AmalaEkpunobi), host of Unapologetic on PragerU, come together to talk about Elon Musk, student loans and vicious responses Amala has received for questioning a transgender TikTok content creator who claims he is a young girl.

The pair discuss cancelling student debt with Andrew and the fallout of such a policy, and ask if Trump will return to Twitter.

We also get a rare look at young Lewis Brackpool, when he was a self-professed “communist with fingerless gloves.”

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