The 'glaring hypocrisy' of environmental extremists

Adam Soos joins David Menzies on Rebel Roundup to discuss the glaring hypocrisy of extremists in the environmental activist community.

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David Suzuki's recent radical comments about pipelines being “blown up” drew attention to the more extreme elements of the environmental movement, warranting a response from Alberta's environment minister, Jason Nixon, and even a disavowal from the charity baring Suzuki's name.

Adam Soos has been covering the story for Rebel News and the Calgary-based reporter joined David Menzies on last week's edition of Rebel Roundup to share his thoughts on this quasi-threat from one of Canada's most famed environmentalists.

Speaking about the “glaring hypocrisy” from the more extreme environmentalists, Adam told David:

They all drive up in relatively large vehicles, park right next to me in their gas-powered vehicles, and then they get out and they attend a protest against pipelines.

What do they think those vehicles run on, hopes and dreams?

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