FIGHT VACCINE PASSPORTS: A new civil liberties project

Ezra Levant outlines the next steps in Rebel News' fight for civil liberties, a new project called 'Fight Vaccine Passports.'

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Vaccine passports are coming to Canada. In fact, they're already here in Manitoba, and very soon they'll be in place in Quebec, too. The government of British Columbia, meanwhile, announced it would be rolling out a vaccine passport soon enough — one that doesn't even allow for medical or religious exemptions.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra outlined the next step in Rebel News' fight for civil liberties:

Explaining the plan for this new project, Ezra said:

We need the best lawyers — who know the law, and the constitution, and how to strategically fight this, and to fight it quickly, with the best chance of winning and setting a precedent and rolling back these vaccine passports. So we need to hire the professionals. Not volunteer lawyers who mean well but aren’t proven winners.

I want to hire the legal eagles, senior counsel, who know what they’re doing. And I don’t want volunteers, because I want lawyers who are going to put everything else aside and make this their central priority for the foreseeable future.

To see the full plan, visit On that website you can sign our petition against vaccine passports, tell us your story of forced vaccination and help fund our legal efforts.

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  • By Ezra Levant

Fight Vaccine Passports

A new civil liberties project — fighting against forced vaccines!

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