It's easy to call out Nazis. But what about Antifa? — The Opposition Podcast No. 2

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GUEST: United Australia Party candidate and Orthodox Jew, Leon Kofmansky.

In this episode of The Opposition Podcast Rebel News Australia's Avi Yemini and independent journalist Rukshan Fernando, talk to Leon Kofmansky an Orthodox Jew and United Australia Party candidate. The trio delved into a topic that remains shrouded in misunderstanding and misrepresentation – anti-Semitism.

The recent protest in Melbourne by neo-Nazis and a counter protest by Antifa radicals provided a new backdrop for anti-Semitism, not merely as an isolated, historic issue but as a persisting societal problem often overlooked by those outside the Jewish community. Avi highlighted the tendency for some groups within the Jewish community to overstate instances of anti-Semitism, detracting from actual serious instances of prejudice.

Leon added that those who are quick to "cry wolf" do not represent the majority of Jews, stating that they are typically self-serving individuals with specific political interests. He highlighted the notable anti-Semitism prevalent within the left-wing faction, often overlooked by the establishment while focusing exclusively on right-wing biases.

The discussion turned to the escalating incidents of individuals being labelled as Nazis. Rukshan, found it perplexing and concerning that even he had been subject to such name-calling despite his own background. Leon termed it "mind-boggling," reflecting the general sentiment of the conversation – that there's a gross simplification and misapplication of labels in society, especially from those claiming to be 'anti-fascist'.

Avi pointed out the irony of certain organisations and individuals appearing overly zealous in identifying and highlighting anti-Semitic acts, sometimes even seeming to fabricate incidents to validate their cause. While the swastika remains a universally recognised symbol of hatred, there's a pressing need to recognise and confront more nuanced and disguised forms of anti-Semitism.

In this episode, the panel reviewed a recent Rebel News video depicting both Antifa and Nazi supporters on the streets. The neo-Nazi group, under heavy scrutiny, were comparatively well-behaved, as compared to the seemingly unchecked violence from the so-called 'anti-fascist' group. This disturbing revelation underpinned the central tenet of the discussion – that hate and prejudice are not exclusive to any one side of the political or ideological spectrum, and that their most insidious forms often escape societal condemnation.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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