The public may be getting sick of Hamas hate marches but politicians aren't

Politicians are 'doing the math' on voting blocs, says Ezra Levant, even though many Canadians are fed up with support for the terror group.

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A new poll from Angus Reid comparing how Canadians viewed societal contributions from religions in 2022 to 2023 revealed an interesting development. In the span of one year, respondents saying Judaism had a "damaging" presence in rose from 9% to 13%; meanwhile, those saying Islam was a "damaging" presence rose from 29% to 43%.

The most dramatic events that could have shifted that number in the last year were Hamas' barbaric October 7 terror attack on Israel and the subsequent, and frequent, rallies in Canadian cities supporting Hamas.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at how politicians are "doing the math" and offering support or sympathy to Hamas in an attempt to win votes.

When it comes to the increase in Canadians saying Islam was having a "damaging" presence, Ezra said:

Week after week, as Hamas hate rallies were held in cities across Canada, people noticed too. They noticed the terrorist paraphernalia, the terrorist flags. It was hard not to notice. I mean, there were literally flags of banned terrorist groups being flown and women wearing machine gun earrings.

And there were no arrests, which was really gross too.

Referring to a number of incidents at these demonstrations, particularly one where a Hamas supporter said they would kill someone right next to a Toronto police officer, Ezra said:

Put aside the cowardly reaction by police, and for the moment, put aside the grotesque acceptance by politicians — from [Calgary Mayor] Jyoti Gondek and [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau to equally cowardly [Ontario Premier] Doug Ford and city mayors like [Toronto Mayor] Olivia Chow.

Remember, police are usually run by city police commissions, and prosecutions are run by provincial justice departments.

So where are the prosecutors here?

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