The radical left's twisted response to a horrific tragedy

Scoring political points and policing language is what some on the left seem more concerned about in the wake of another national tragedy in the U.S.

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A tragic shooting took place at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week. The perpetrator of this attack was a transgender former student of the school, who was stopped by heroic actions from local police.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at the way some on the left-wing side of the media landscape responded to this horrible act.

After sifting through examples from the New York Times and CTV, outlets that seemed more concerned about the shooter's gender, Ezra looked at the language chosen in an ABC News broadcast and how this enflames discussion around legislation designed to protect children:

Did you hear that language? They "banned transgender medical care."

Is that what they call it when young women have their breasts surgically removed, an irrevocable act, in pursuit of a transgender ideology?

Is that what that is?


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