The top 8 lies women have been told

Women are getting sold a false bill of goods by feminists. Kat and Nat break down the eight lies feminists and progressives are selling women in 2022.

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Although women have come extremely far in our society, medical professionals, feminists, celebrities and the trans lobby seem keen on keeping us down.

That’s why, in episode No. 35 of Miss Understood, we unpacked some of the most prominent lies women are being told in 2022.

1. Always trust your doctor

In a recent interview with Romper Magazine singer Meghan Trainor confessed that nurses implied that her use of antidepressants caused her newborn to be sent to the NICU.

Aside from the horror of her newborn being sent to intensive care, what added to Trainor’s panic was that the drug in question was one that her doctor promised to be safe during pregnancy. She explained that “They kept asking [her] if [she] was on antidepressants during the pregnancy, and [she] was, but on the lowest dose possible, and all [her] doctors said it was safe and wouldn’t affect him.”

Questioning the medical advice of your doctor has been labelled “conspiratorial” since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s clear that we all must do our own medical research when it comes to our health and the health of our little ones.

Thank goodness Meghan Trainor’s son Riley is OK, but the lie that we should always trust our doctors must be debunked.

2. The COVID shots are safe for breastfeeding women

The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study that found the mRNA COVID vaccine transmits through breastfeeding mothers’ milk, into their babies.

This is a shocking discovery because women were convinced by the so-called experts that the vaccine is safe to get at any point in pregnancy. Additionally, the results of the study warn breastfeeding mothers who have been vaccinated within 48 hours to refrain from breastfeeding children under six months old.

The CDC writes that “At six months, 55.8% of infants received any breast milk and 24.9% received breast milk exclusively.” Meaning, more than half of all children receiving breast milk are in this vulnerable group.

Shockingly even today the CDC states that the COVID vaccine is recommended for “all people six months and older. This includes people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or may become pregnant in the future.”

Strange, since the JAMA study came out on September 26, 2022. Shouldn’t the Center for Disease Control (CDC) update this information?

3. The COVID shots won’t affect a woman’s menstrual cycle

Despite women coming forward about changes in their cycle at the beginning of the vaccine rollout, the world needed a study to confirm that the mRNA COVID vaccines DO affect women’s menstrual cycles.

Women were gaslit into thinking significant changes in their periods were a result of pandemic-related stress.

In 2021, CTV reported that “women’s health and immunology experts are hesitant to say if menstrual changes are a result of the COVID-19 vaccine until further research is conducted, but noted that the added stress of the pandemic may contribute to shifts in one’s menstrual cycle.”

Globally women experienced heavier than usual bleeding, blood clotting, and missed periods post-vaccination, but were told not to worry and to keep rolling up their sleeves.

A woman’s period is an indication of their overall health. Contemporary Pediatrics even calls periods “your fifth vital sign,” proving the importance of a healthy period.

Sudden changes in menstrual cycles are an indication that something may be wrong. Instead of admitting that the effects of the vaccine on fertility are unknown the powers that be manipulated and pressured them to get vaccinated. 

4. ‘The Pill’ is a natural form of contraception

Every young girl is faced with the decision to go on the birth control pill at some point during adolescence. Without knowing their full medical history, doctors prescribe the pill to girls for a myriad of reasons, insisting that the pill replicates ‘naturally’ occurring hormones. 

However, according to The ZRT Laboratory Blog, there isn’t a single drop of natural hormones in the pill. Instead, they are “synthetic versions of endogenous estradiol and progesterone.” Which is one of the reasons why Princeton-trained doctor and board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Felice Gersh doesn’t prescribe them.

Her reasons include all of the — often ignored — negative side effects which include blood clots, depression and suicidal thoughts, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance, kidney disease, poor vaginal health and dementia.

Calling the pill natural is a lie that women should be aware of.

5. Drink water and avoid the sun for perfect skin

Although staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged sun exposure can help maintain your skin's natural texture, the bottom line is that being rich is the best skin care.

Celebrities and the incredibly wealthy pour thousands of dollars into dermatological interventions and surgeries, that the average person can’t afford.

As outlined in The Atlantic, no matter how much you avoid the sun, or how much expensive goop you slather on your face, your middle-class income is never going to help you achieve the glass-like visage of the uber-rich.

Asking women to give up time on the beach, enjoying a glass of wine, and even avoiding emotive facial movements is a lie. 

6. Modern Feminism helps women

Modern feminism hurts women.

It excludes women who don’t align with their woke groupthink. As Evie writes “character trumps gender. Men can be jerks, women can be witches. Men can be insensitive, women can be vain. Neither gender is immune to ‘missing the mark’ — hence neither gender should be targeted as the ‘central moral oppressor.’”

The modern feminist not only blames the patriarchy for society's ills, but it has also turned on women whose moral compass directs them outside of the feminist code of ethics.

If you’re not consistently aligning your principles in accordance with the bully class, you are deemed a traitor to women and even a right-wing extremist.

This has resulted in the erasure of female-only spaces, which is extremely dangerous. One example, as reported by The Guardian, describes the horrors of incarcerated females getting sexually assaulted by female-identifying biological male inmates.

Women have been punished for speaking out in favour of preserving these spaces, which means women can no longer count on feminism to protect them from predatory men and predatory policies. 

7. You can (and should) wait to have kids

Women have a finite fertility window.

Some women choose not to have children at all, which is their right. However, for those that do want families, putting having children on hold for a career can lead to disappointment.

The career-focused woman is sold to us as being hip and empowering. She’s the protagonist in contemporary films and TV shows, she’s the ‘girl boss’ who doesn’t need to adhere to mother nature because she’s too busy, she has people to meet, and modern science backs her up.

But the truth is, fertility treatments, freezing eggs, and surrogacy are expensive and do not guarantee success.

As Meghan Murphy writes, “having a baby in your 40s or later is a rarity, not a right.”

Don’t try to cheat biology. If you want children, you have a limited window to safely do so. Even healthy women in their prime are not always able to procreate.

Having children is a privilege, not a right. We must dispel the lie that children are a burden and having them should be put off until a more convenient time.

8. Trans women are women

A car is not a house, a cat is not a dog, and a man is not a woman. So, why are we allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports and spaces as if they are?

As The Economist writes, changing the definition of woman will have consequences. The lived experience of biological or natal females will be erased in an effort to include biological men into the category of “woman”.

Women face challenges that men do not, such as “a heightened vulnerability to rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, and exhibitionism; to sexual harassment; to domestic violence; to certain cancers; to anorexia and self-harm.”

If we include biological males in the category “woman” we are distorting the data on those traumatic experiences. A trans woman will never suffer from anorexia and they will never be susceptible to cervical cancer, so, how can we properly monitor and measure these experiences?

Women should not have to parrot the lie that trans women are women  it’s only leading to our own erasure.

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