WATCH: The TRUTH about the 'WEF Police Force'

Is there a World Economic Forum police force and did they detain Jack Posobiec?

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On Monday May 24th, American journalist and political commentator, Jack Posobiec, was detained in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. 

Much of the world had questions when footage of Posobiec being surrounded by police went viral. The footage was captured by Savanah Hernandez, a reporter on assignment for Rebel News. 

The video had been seen millions of times when people began asking questions about the patches the police in Davos were wearing on their uniforms. The patches read “World Economic Forum Police” which lead those critical of the organization to wonder if the sinister group had their own police force. 

The questions triggered a “fact-check” by establishment media organizations such as Reuters and Politifact, who were quick to label those questioning the odd patches as conspiracy theorists. 

During a drive into Davos, the Rebel News team spoke to a Swiss police officer at a security checkpoint about the badges in question. 

The officer explained that the WEF does not in fact have its own police force and that the badges are an accessory for certain Swiss officers during Davos week. 

The arrest and viral video were evidently problematic for law enforcement in Davos. 

While Hernandez was walking down the main stretch of Davos promenade, an undercover Swiss officer equipped with an earpiece and bulletproof vest called her out by name.

“Savanah, you’re famous in Switzerland,” he said.

Despite Hernandez originally and accurately referring to what happened to Posobiac as detainment, the officer accused her of lying and incorrectly reporting that Posobiac was arrested. 

While his accusations were incorrect, the officer's comments point to intelligence-gathering operations or surveillance being carried out on journalists and reporters in Davos who are properly doing their jobs. 

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