The Whately Hall Hotel Scandal

Staff at Whately Hall Hotel in Banbury were sacked just before Christmas and told to seek redundancy from the UK government.

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The Whately Hall Hotel in Banbury, Oxfordshire, recently caused a scandal when they closed doors to the public and accepted a lucrative government contract to house migrants. The staff were sacked without notice or pay on 25 November and told to claim redundancy from the UK government. The sacked staff members peaceful protests outside the hotel quickly went viral online which attracted a lot of media attention and scrutiny on social media.  After several days of negotiations the sacked staff received their due wages from the Whately Hall Hotel.

The owner of the Whately Hall Hotel is Ravi Ruparelia, an investor who owns several businesses across the UK. Mr Ruparelia bought Whately Hall Hotel in 2018 and runs the hotel through Countrywide Hotels which is a hotel management and consultancy company.

The UK currently has more than 400 hotels housing migrants and many savvy businessmen have seen a lucrative business opportunity to buy up hotels and lease them out on migrant contracts to the UK government. With record numbers of illegal crossings happening along the Kent coastline there seems to be a growing industry in housing illegal immigrants. 

Rebel News reached out to Mr Ruparelia for comment and to arrange an interview but unfortunately, he has not responded.  

For more on hotels up and down the country are accepting large government offers to house illegal migrants, and all other coverage surrounding the migrant crisis. Head over to

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  • By Callum Smiles

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