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Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre still fighting for its life

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You may recall our story back in April about Carey and Lesley Stone, the operators of the Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre in midtown Toronto. They’re operated this dojo for seven years, and they’ve trained thousands of clients.

Tiger Dragon was a viable business, but like so many businesses, this enterprise received a debilitating karate chop to the neck thanks to the outbreak of the Wuhan virus last year.

Alas, fitness facilities are now verboten thanks to the mistaken belief that such places are 'superspreader' venues, so it is that the Stones cannot conduct classes and therefore cannot make money.

That means they can’t make the rent. And that means their landlord wants them evicted.

This is especially harsh given that the Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre is not just the Stones’ business, but it’s also their home. Carey says if he and his wife are forced out, they will be left homeless.

It is grossly unfair. The Stones are not in this predicament because they are lousy businesspeople; rather, it is all due to the government preventing them from opening up.

And even more unfortunate is that due to a technicality, the studio does not qualify for any federal government assistance programs.

But the good news is that the Stones have found a lawyer, Jonathan Piccin, who will represent them. If you can, please checkout their GoFundMe page and make a donation.

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