Science strikes out down at the ol’ ballpark in Toronto

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Don’t get us wrong. We’re glad that Toronto took another step back to 2019-like normalcy with the Blue Jays returning to play their home games in Hogtown (the team qualifies for a “National Interest Exemption” don’t you know?) It’s just that the various restrictions inherent to taking in a game make no sense.

For example, SkyDome seats about 50,000 for baseball, yet to maintain social distancing, only 15,000 fans are permitted. OK.

But down the road at BMO Field, that stadium seats 25,000 for football and 30,000 for soccer. And the attendance cap: 15,000.

How does this make sense? Shouldn’t attendance caps be based on the number of seats or the square footage of a facility as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach?

Once Jays fans were admitted to the ballpark, more unintentional hilarity took place. Namely, the good seats were fully jammed with fans just like the old pre-COVID days, whereas social distancing was undertaken only in the cheap seats.

We presume the Wuhan virus respects deep-pocketed season ticket holders, yet has an intense dislike for those baseball fans on a budget.

As well, there is a cash-free policy now in effect at the SkyDome for concessions. Don’t want all that filthy paper money being passed around, after all. But get this: portable credit card terminals were being handled by hundreds, if not thousands, of patrons.

Maybe fans need to bring gloves to the ballpark moving forward — not baseball gloves, mind you, but medical gloves.

But never forget, folks, it is science dictating these rules. Weird science, that is.

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