Toronto airport demonstrators say COVID flying policies getting worse

Jody Ledgerwood was recently kicked off of a WestJet flight after her mask exemption was denied.

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A small gathering of vaccination-choice peaceful protesters descended upon Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Saturday to vent their frustration regarding mandatory vaccination policies. They displayed signs and handed out literature as well as copies of the Druthers newspaper.

One of the ringleaders of the demonstration, Jody Ledgerwood of Cobourg, Ont., had a personal experience with a recent trip to Pearson that is downright baffling. Jody has a bona fide medical exemption for masks and vaccinations. A few weeks ago, she was going to take a flight out of Toronto via WestJet. Everyone at Pearson International — the border guards, the security guards and even the police — accepted her exemption.

Only when she was seated in the aircraft did a Covid-Karen flight attendant come over to her and order Jody off the plane. How is this possible? Even the airport security and police went to bat for Jody, saying she was good to fly. But somehow, someway, this flight attendant was able to prevent Jody from taking her flight. Jody says that in the aftermath, she is considering a civil lawsuit against WestJet.

In any event, as the demonstrators continued their protest outside Terminal 3, we observed perhaps the most perversely ironic image of the entire pandemic: a man in a full hazmat suit was standing outside the terminal, his face mask and shield removed so that he could… smoke a cigarette? Indeed, here was someone obviously terrified of catching a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate, yet was ingesting a product that, when used as directed, will likely end his life prematurely.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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