Toronto police offer transgender people free rides in pride-themed vehicle

Are you a transgender? Do you want a free ride? The Toronto police are at your service! And they’ll even pick you up in a cruiser painted with trans colours!

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T is for Toronto police and T is for transgender and T is for taxicab.

What do all of these T-words have in common?

Well, if you happen to be a member of the transgender community in Hogtown, you qualify for free rides by the cops – in a transgender-coloured police cruiser no less!

This is not a belated April Fool’s Day joke.

Rather, the woke brass at the Toronto Police Service continue to uphold their slogan of “To Serve and Protect.” It's just that certain members of certain communities get, well, extra special service and protection. Dig?

We first witnessed that in January when the Toronto cops reimagined themselves as Uber Eats drivers and delivered coffee and Timbits to the pro-Hamas hooligans who were occupying the Avenue Road bridge spanning Highway 401.

Hey, cut them some slack, folks, it gets pretty chilly in January when you’re standing on an overpass chanting for genocide…

So, what does the Toronto Police Service do for an encore?

Well, recently, they’ve gone from Uber Eats drivers to, well, simply Uber drivers. That’s how they’re serving the public now. Oh, not the entire public, mind you. You have to have the correct identity politics in order to qualify.

TPS Officer Chevalier, who calls his niece a “nibbling” in case she identifies as a nephew, recently took to X to brag about the new trans cruiser and the free rides for transgenders.

Alas, two individuals driving a – gasp – pickup truck pulled up to the Trans-Mobile and asked impolite questions of Stinkerbell occupying the front passenger seat.

Oh, it was Toronto’s day of infamy!

Say, do you think that pickup truck might’ve had a hockey stick mounted in the bed displaying a Canadian flag? If so, we fear the occupants of this truck might be getting their bank accounts frozen any day now by Fraulein Freeland…

But good golly, where do we even begin to make sense out of this diversity nonsense?

For starters, since when do citizens get free rides from the cops – unless, of course, they’re… under arrest? And yeah, we speak from bitter recent experience. FYI: you don’t get to sit in the front seat of the cruiser, by the way. And your hands remain cuffed.

And what an abomination of a police cruiser with those baby blue, pink and white hues! Seriously, Toronto is experiencing its worst crime wave ever and the cops are going to the local Color Your World franchise to get custom paint jobs to… show solidarity with the pretend people? That cruiser doesn’t even look like a bona fide cop car. We think it resembles an ice cream truck. We’ll have a banana split, officer. With nuts!

And by the way, are there other custom paint job cruisers at the cop shop? How about a Black Lives Matter police car? Maybe something for the Asian community? What about the Latinos? How about a Scottish-themed cruiser. Yes, we think a Ford Explorer decked out in the Menzies tartan would look smashing!

But out hearts go out to the normal rank-and-file police officers at the Toronto Police Service who just want to, you know, enforce the law as opposed to transforming this once proud institution into a massive gender studies classroom.

Bottom line: the Toronto police under the leadership of the woke weakling that is Chief Myron Demkiw has devolved into a mess that is more obsessed with political correctness and selective favouritism than it is with enforcing the law. Hogtown is going through an unprecedented period of homicide, assault, armed robbery, car theft – you name it. But the brass is seemingly more concerned with supplying refreshments to the Hobos for Hamas contingent and providing free rides to transgenders. It’s staggering.

And sadly, the biggest casualty is public trust. By their own actions and inactions, the Toronto police are making an increasing number of citizens look upon them with resentment rather than respect.

There oughta be a law…

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