Trans woman allegedly identifying as a cat to stand trial on multiple charges — but why a publication ban?

Cody D’Entremont, a.k.a. 'Desiree Anderson', is finally going to court to face multiple charges. But why is there a publication ban?

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Regular viewers of Rebel News are likely aware of our reports going back more than a year ago regarding Cody D’Entremont of Windsor, Ont.

D’Entremont “transitioned” from male to female (which is to say he merely stated he “identified” as a woman and, well, so be it.)

This gender-switcheroo allowed Cody, a.k.a., “Desiree Anderson”, to get into a shelter where vulnerable women resided. Within days, the Windsor Police Service charged him with sexual assault against a real female resident of the shelter.

Golly, who saw that coming?

Incredibly, at least two young female employees at the shelter didn’t seem to care about his unwanted sexual shenanigans. When Rebel News visited the shelter last summer, these staffers were more offended by our “impolite” questions than the alleged crimes of D’Entremont. These woke women (or is it “persons with vaginas”?) continued to embrace Cody/Desiree as an example of transgender diversity. They even threatened to call the police on us. We don’t know why: we were merely standing on a public sidewalk practicing journalism in the public interest. Maybe they think Bill C-63 is already codified into law?

In any event, speaking of transitioning, 33-year-old Cody just can’t stop. Eyewitnesses have told Rebel News he now identifies as a… cat. Apparently, he dons some dollar store props (pointy ears, tail, etc.) and walks the streets of Windsor as a feline. Whether he is a male or female feline remains unknown.

We’ve always suspected this uncool cat would make for a great interview. But we just can’t find this kooky kitty, even when we go to his regular haunts such as the Downtown Mission of Windsor (the staff of which also called the police on Rebel News due to asking impolite questions.) To the credit of Windsor police, no action was taken.

D’Entremont/Anderson is also reportedly a frequent visitor to the Wendy’s on Tecumseh Road. This is where Cat Man Cody tends to hang out behind the drive-through menu board, popping out from the signage when the occasion warrants to panhandle from passing cars (which, we’re sure for some motorists, makes for a jolting/appetite-losing experience.)

Alas, on a recent fact-finding safari to Windsor back in March, we decided to get a little more creative in trying to track down Cody, who, these days, is more elusive than the Arctic lynx (a.k.a., “the ghost of the north”). Case in point: we paid a visit to Trans Wellness Ontario, which is self-described as “a mental wellness organization that provides low-barrier support to individuals and families. Our goal is to enhance and sustain the health and wellness of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and their families.” (Not to be a nitpicker, but should Trans Wellness Ontario add additional “T” to its 2SLGBTQIA+ initialism? You know, “T” for “trans-cat”? But we digress…)

Alas, the folks we spoke with here had never heard of Cody D’Entremont/Desiree Anderson despite the considerable publicity he/she/it has received in recent months.

We also visited the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. The friendly people here also said they had never seen or even heard of the city’s most famous fake feline. A quick inventory check of the cats on display for adoption revealed zero trans-cats on site.

But last week, we once again visited Windsor. And finally we received some tangible information re: D’Entremont.

For starters, the reason he hasn’t been spotted on the streets of Windsor lately is because he’s behind bars (as in jail, not animal shelter.)

That’s because on January 28, 2024, D’Entremont was charged with assault causing bodily harm and assault choking. This apparently violated his bail conditions regarding the three sexual assault charges D’Entremont was charged with going back to March 26, 2023.

D'Entremont will be in court July 4 for the most recent charges; meanwhile, he will go before a judge for a three-day trial beginning on August 20 for the sexual assault charges.

But get this: there’s a publication ban regarding these matters, meaning there will be certain testimony and other details provided at these trials that the media will be forbidden to report on. But why? The court clerk we dealt with was unable to provide answers.

Could it be the extra special treatment transgenders are receiving these days by law enforcement and the justice system? Even in the United States, the home of the First Amendment, certain information (i.e., suicide note, manifesto) has been suppressed by authorities regarding those transgenders that have embarked on mass-shootings. It’s outrageous.

Nevertheless, Rebel News will endeavor to find out why D’Entremont is deserving of a publication ban and report on whatever we’re allowed to report on. Stay tuned.

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