Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas exposed for autogynephilia and fetishistic lifestyle: report

The discovery of an Instagram account allegedly linked to Thomas contained posts about the swimmer’s apparent preoccupation with autogynephilia — or fetishistic transvestism.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas exposed for autogynephilia and fetishistic lifestyle: report
AP Photo/Mary Schwalm
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Daily Wire journalist Jake Crain sat down with NCAA women’s swimmer Riley Gaines, who shared previously undisclosed information about trans-identifying male swimmer, Lia Thomas, who won in the NCAA women’s swimming tournament in 2022.

Last March, Thomas became the first transgendered athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship in any sport after winning the women’s 500-yard freestyle event.

Speaking to Crain, Gaines shared some information Thomas. “So we did some digging & now we have a LOT of questions,” wrote Crain on Twitter. “Is THIS what the NCAA thinks a woman is?"

“What we found is jarring,” wrote Crain, who detailed how Thomas appeared to have two Instagram accounts — a public facing one and a private one. The public account, “LiaKThomas” featured a handful of generic photos with messages like “let trans kids play.”

“Then, a private account…’LiaThimas,’” continued Crain, who cited the research of Nicole Wawro, who uncovered multiple Instagram posts about Thomas’ preoccupation with autogynephilia — or fetishistic transvestism.

Crain further reported on the discovery of Thomas’ alleged romantic partner, Gwen Weiskopf, a “transgender woman,” who is listed as an “unlicensed social worker,” who ran a GoFundMe for breast augmentation surgery.

“Besides posing in front of bondage gear & in bikinis with a genital bulge, Gwen posts dark & satanic artwork,” wrote Crain. “One liked by ‘LiaThimas’ ironically joking that Lia will bring about the ‘collapse of Western Civilization,’ and another of Lia as a demonic dominatrix character.”

Further digging found that Weiskopf and Thomas were engaged in a polyamorous sex pod — or polycule.

The most shocking discovery Crain made was a series of photographs posted by Weiskopf that appear to show a surgical operation for an orchiectomy, or the removal of testicles.

“These disturbing images raise serious questions about how the [NCAA] defines what a woman is,” wrote Crain, who published an interview with Riley Gaines exposing the disparity between the legacy media’s coverage of Lia Thomas and the transgender athlete’s private life.

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