Trudeau calls everyone else Nazis — but he literally cheered an actual Nazi

The failures that led to a Nazi being honoured in Parliament are an international disgrace, says Ezra Levant.

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Something unthinkable happened late last week during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Canada.

A man named Yaroslav Hunka was honoured in the House of Commons, apparently brought to the event by Speaker Anthony Rota. Rota introduced Hunka as a veteran of the Second World War who had "fought against the Russians" for Ukrainian independence.

But anyone who knows even a little bit about the Second World War would that fighting the Russians meant one thing — fighting alongside Nazi Germany. Hunka wasn't just a conscript in the German army; rather, he was an volunteer in the Ukrainian Waffen SS and managed to escape to Canada after the unit changed its name, hiding its affiliation to the SS, late in the war. 

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at this colossal blunder by the Canadian government.

Shifting the blame away from Speaker Rota, Ezra pointed out how the failure ultimately starts at the top, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his deputy, Chrystia Freeland, the latter of whom professes to be an expert in all things Ukrainian, given her heritage:

Trudeau and Freeland routinely call peaceful democratic political critics "Nazis" and "far right" and "racist". Their critics are not Nazis, of course, they just disagree with them.

It's Trudeau and Freeland who have the Nazi problem, and it's coming from inside their house.

But they call everyone those names first. It's like Trudeau calling other people misogynists when he's actually the one who sexually assaulted Rose Knight. He calls you a racist, he's the one who wears blackface.

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