Trudeau charges $1,600 for fundraiser as Canadians struggle with inflation

The prime minister was in the Montreal area as Moderna opened a broke ground on a new vaccine manufacturing facility, hosting a pricey fundraiser for Liberal supporters while average Canadians are struggling to pay their bills.

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As Canadians make daily sacrifices to fight inflation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to rack up huge bills at taxpayers' expense. This is what Canada has become.

Last Monday, Mr. Trudeau travelled to the Montreal area to visit the site of Moderna's future vaccine factory. With Canada facing an inflationary crisis, Mr. Trudeau seems to be more focused on spending money on vaccines.

On the same day, later that evening, Mr. Trudeau hosted a fundraiser for the Liberal Party at a modest cost of $1,600 per person. It is very hypocritical to have that kind of event when so many Canadians are facing increased poverty.

What is even more terrible is to hear the minister of finance, Chrystia Freeland, telling Canadians to unsubscribe from Disney+ as a cost-cutting mechanism when Mr. Trudeau, little more than a month ago, used taxpayers' money to rent a $6,000 a night suite while attending Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London.

Mr. Trudeau is the subject of many controversies. The prime minister recently strongly denounced Doug Ford after the Ontario premier declared his intention to use the notwithstanding clause to end an education workers' strike. But in Quebec, Mr. Trudeau never denounced Francois Legault's government when it used the same clause.

In addition to this hypocrisy, what we have learned so far from the Public Order Emergency Commission seems to show that Mr. Trudeau's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to the Freedom Convoy was not necessary at all.

If this is the commissioner's conclusion, will Mr. Trudeau apologize to Canadians? Or will he continue to ignore them, like he did with our Rebel News journalists during the leaders' debate in 2021?

In today's report, we denounce the hypocrisy of Mr. Trudeau's event in Montreal and ask residents what they think about his Liberal government's hypocrisy.

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