Trudeau 'Gatekeepers' are destroying construction sectors (Part 2)

President of Sundance Construction, Jocelyn Burzuik explains how the Gatekeepers are trying to find multiple reasons to delay and stop her project from being done.

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This is the second report out of three which showcases the despicable control by the Liberals who have come to ruin the lives of people who are desperately seeking an affordable place to live.

In the first report, Jocelyn Burzuik, CEO of Sundance Construction, explains the long and harsh process she needed to go through to get her housing building project approved by the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Now, she is explaining how the Gatekeepers are trying to find multiple reasons to delay and stop her project from being done. After a big flooding occurred on the property, the RM Gimli told Jocelyn that her project was going to be built on three wetlands, which Jocelyn claims to be totally untrue.

She gave them all the information about the land, and gave them the engineering soil sample but that wasn’t enough. Instead they held back the approval of her subdivision until Jocelyn paid them a certain amount of money.

This is an example of the bureaucracy that rules in Canada. The government and the institutions that have been set up to regulate the constructions used the veil of the fight against climate change as well as the protection of the environment as an excuse, all to delay and reject projects.

At the same time, governments are making construction more difficult, the authorities are increasing immigration considerably, as we have seen with IRREGULAR immigration. Of course, that contributes to the demand for housing, which is not growing.

But this demand is not satisfied and every year the gap between housing supply and demand grows.

During this time, companies such as Sundance Construction exerted their patience to fill out a multitude of documents, to pass repetitive tests that were unnecessary and ultimately resulted in an unfavourable decision.

This is the nightmare that fell upon Sundance Construction for over a year now. The bill of all this is continuing to rise, and Jocelyn Burzuik continues the fight, she deserves to build her project.

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