Trudeau government loses track of electric car chargers, pays American company $680K to find them

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The Liberals lost track of the nation’s electric car chargers, and as a consequence, an American company has a sole sourced $681,000 contract to locate the charging stations and map them.

Rebel News knows where some of these things are, especially the under-utilized ones installed by the federal government to charge electric vehicles they didn’t have yet. We will tell the government where they are, for the low, low fee of half a million bucks.

The untendered $545,000 USD contract to the Colorado-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, came at the request of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

“NRCan has a requirement to continue the development, maintenance and enhancement of the electric charging and alternative fuelling station locator, including the data administration tool and supporting database.”

Many of the federally managed e-car charging stations are lost to the world because no one uses them. I have documents to prove it.

The information comes from a 2018 order paper question that shows which federal departments erected electric car chargers, where they are, and how infrequently people are using them. Those documents showed that several agencies installed chargers for e-cars they didn’t even have. Those agencies were Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Public Safety National Research Council, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and NRCan — which could save some money on sole-sourced contracts to American companies by looking out the window at the e-car charger out front of their building with cobwebs all over it.

The CFB Esquimalt naval base had nine chargers for one car.

But the larger question remains: why can’t people find their own car charging stations for their heavily subsidized novelty cars?

Read the documents for yourself:

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