Trudeau government spent $500K on a bureaucrat gala

Franco Terrazzano, Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the Trudeau Liberals' $500,000 expense for a glitzy bureaucrat gala.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra asked Franco Terrazzano to talk about this article titled, 'Feds drop half a million on glitzy galas for bureaucrats' by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The article read:

Cameras flashing as honoured guests strut down a red carpet. Catered menus featuring charcuterie, cured arctic char, and duck prosciutto. Speechwriters and lavish venue rentals. Trophies made of “antique gold,” “clear crystal” and “bevelled black glass.” 

It’s not the Oscars, not the Golden Globes, not even the Junos…

It’s the Public Service Award of Excellence. 

The federal government spent nearly half-a-million dollars throwing gaudy galas to bestow bureaucrats with expensive awards over the past decade. Meanwhile, federal departments consistently failed to hit even half of their performance targets.

“What are these glitzy galas and why are you and I not invited?” Ezra asked.

“Well, yeah, you're right. We're not invited, but we sure are picking up the tab, aren't we? I mean, we're laughing because if you can't, if you don't laugh, you have to cry because this story is just so outrageous," Franco responded.

Franco continued:

Half a million dollars for these bureaucrats to show up and get these very fancy awards. Some of the menus that we've seen in recent years show these fancy feasts, these fancy foods all paid for by you.

But let me just start with the last two years.

So over the past two years, these award shows that these bureaucrats pat each other on the back over, at a time when so many Canadians struggled during government lockdowns, during government induced inflation, during small businesses closing down, during people losing their jobs.

Well, all that was happening, they dropped over the past two years, $118,000 on these award shows for themselves. And folks, the big part of the bill here are these fancy trophies worth $80,000.

The trophies over the last decade have cost taxpayers $240,000.

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