Trudeau laughs off “tinfoil hats” criticizing Liberal online censorship plan

Trudeau laughs off “tinfoil hats” criticizing Liberal online censorship plan
The Canadian Press / Justin Tang
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Justin Trudeau dismissed Conservative criticism of his online censorship bill in Parliament yesterday, commenting on “the tinfoil hats on the other side of the aisle” before claiming that Liberal support for free speech online is “not negotiable.”

The prime minister's insult was in reference to debate on Bill C-10, An Act To Amend The Broadcasting Act. The Act would grant federal agencies power to censor user-generated content on the Internet.

Blacklock's Reporter published the exchange between MP Michael Barrett and the prime minister:

Conservative MP Michael Barrett (Leeds-Grenville, Ont.) called the bill an attempt at “silencing Canadians online” at services like YouTube. “Will the Prime Minister tell us how long it will be before every aspect of Canadian life must conform to his Liberal vision of Canadian society?” asked MP Barrett.

“The tinfoil hats on the other side of the aisle are really quite spectacular,” replied Trudeau. The Prime Minister said free speech online “is not negotiable by our government.”

You can watch the full exchange here:

Earlier this week, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault quoted a lobby group to support his push for the online censorship bill in the House of Commons, but failed to mention that the group had received a five-year grant from his own department.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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