Trudeau Liberals ignoring Indigenous cries for justice

The prime minister talks a big game when it comes to Indigenous issues in Canada, but many communities are still suffering under the Liberal government.

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The Trudeau Liberals would love for you to think that they are Canada’s pro-Indigenous political voice, so much so in fact that they continuously campaign and harvest social validation by parroting talking points of actionless concern over Indigenous issues. When push comes to shove, however, the Liberals are largely litigious and inoperative when it comes to helping these communities.

This should come as no surprise considering that the Liberal Party of Canada, even under Trudeau senior, was intimately involved in the perpetration of serious injustices against First Nations people, with residential schools serving as a prime example.

While major contractors and legal firms pocket money hand over fist from lucrative Indigenous Services Canada contracts, somehow, despite mass expenditure, life for Indigenous communities in the country remains sub-standard compared to the rest of Canada.

Not only is Justin Trudeau failing to make this better today, but he is also refusing to make amends for the sins of his father.

Many Indigenous communities who suffered through residential schools have had to take the government to court to seek compensation for the damages done to them. Leighton Grey is acting on behalf of one such group here in Alberta in his Youngchief vs. Attorney General of Canada et al legal action, and he joined us for an update on his case and to discuss the Liberal government's ongoing indifference when it comes to providing justice for Indigenous communities.

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