Trudeau Liberals refuse to disclose media bailout recipients

With trust in media plummeting in among Canadians, is it any wonder why the Trudeau government is hiding the names of their media sugar babies?

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An access filing response from the Canada Revenue Agency, the department tasked with doling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's never-ending cycle of handouts to failing news companies, was returned completely redacted.

The filing asked for the "companies and media organizations that received support from the Liberal government’s $595 million media support package and how much went to each."

However, 16 pages in reply from the CRA and the "most open and transparent government ever" were completely redacted under section 24.1 of the Access to Information Act, which states:

  • The head of a government institution shall refuse to disclose any record requested under this Part that contains information the disclosure of which is restricted by or pursuant to any provision set out in Schedule II.

With trust in media plummeting in Canada, and with polls in 2023 showing that under one-quarter of Canadians are confident in the integrity of news publishers, is it any wonder why the Trudeau government is hiding the names of their media sugar babies?

And the Trudeau government is hiding information now that is already out there, wanting to send it down the Orwellian memory hole.

A previous Rebel News access filing — made possible through donations to — to the Heritage Ministry, which approves the bailouts, returned 1,200 media companies on the government dole in 29 pages of unredacted data.

And unlike the Trudeau government and the bailout media, we published that data. Because you helped us get them.

Check the trustworthiness of your media sources for yourself, read the 29-page document here:

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