Trudeau RCMP mass shooting scandal: Attorney requests more evidence

'I think the most important thing is to tell the victims stories, so often in our country the focus is on the perpetrators,' said Public Justice Professor Jaclyn Schildkraut.

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Proceedings for the Mass Casualty Commission, a public inquiry probing into the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, continued yesterday and Rebel News was on the scene at the Halifax Convention Centre to bring you a full report about it. 

The primary focus of the day's proceedings was on the impact that mass casualty events have on the communities they affect and how to best deal with the levels of trauma involved. A round table discussion facilitated by Emma Cunliffe, the Research and Policy Director for the Commission, included seven experts on mass trauma with credentials from the fields of psychology, social work, and criminal justice. 

The proceedings ended with a request from Attorney Jamie Van Wort that more exhibits regarding the RCMP-Trudeau government corruption allegations of political interference in the Nova Scotia RCMP’s investigation into the mass shootings be made available for the public. 

Van Wort listed 6 documents related to a meeting that took place on April 28th of 2020 during which RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki allegedly pressured Nova Scotia Mounties to risk compromising the investigation by releasing information prematurely to the press about the firearms the mass shooter used because she had promised the then Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair and Prime Minister Trudeau’s office she would do so.

To raise concerns even more, last Friday the Mass Casualty Commission made it public that the Department of Justice originally withheld some of the evidence regarding officers' names listed in notes relating to the political interference allegations. That evidence comes from a Mountie overseeing the investigation at the time of the political interference claims.

One of the documents is an email titled “sharing Commissioners message” and another is a letter from Commissioner Lucki herself. After proceedings ended, I was able to interview two of the round table experts about what needs to happen to help communities dealing with mass trauma heal. I also interviewed a lawyer named Michael Scott who is representing some of the victims' families about his clients' concerns with the political interference allegations.

Watch the video to see what the interviewees had to say and you can click here to read my live-tweet coverage during the proceedings for some of the direct quotes from what occurred today.

Canada's deadliest mass shooting and what is looking like a corrupt government conspiring to establish how best to exploit it to further a political gun ban agenda is a story that media independent from government interest needs to cover.

For those of you who agree, please consider donating here what you can to help us recoup the costs of flying myself and our videographer Lincoln Jay out to Nova Scotia where we will be giving you more detailed reports from the scene of where the news is unfolding.

Previously, we estimated the costs of these reports, including accommodations and travel, to be just shy of $5500, but after assessing the prices for taxis or Ubers and the limited car rental options, we have adjusted the estimated amount to $5748. We appreciate your support in helping us cover this story for the public.

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