Trudeau Liberals preaching 'environmental equity' to Canadians

'What a perfect illustration of this Trudeau government — weird ideological obsessions but no ability to actually do anything in the real world,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the Trudeau Liberals' new plan to impose "environmental justice" onto Canadians.

A statement from the official Government of Canada website claims that "advancing environmental equity means no single group or community is at a disadvantage in dealing with hazardous environmental exposures, pollution, or natural disasters, regardless of their social position."

The Trudeau government is also seeking ways to root out "environmental racism," such as "looking at the links between race, socioeconomic status, and environmental risks."

"You might be thinking, shouldn't the government know what it's talking about when it's going to do something like this? And that's where you'd be wrong because you're thinking about this wrong," said Ezra.

"The whole point is for environmental justice, environmental equity to be so vague, that it literally can be used to do anything to anyone for any reason. That's not a bug that's a feature," he added.

Ezra went on to say, "So you could expropriate someone's business theoretically. You could block a mega-project or let another one through. It's magic really. There's not right or wrong. It's not like math where two plus two equals four, it's whatever the activists say."

Speaking about the Liberals' support of Bill C-226, which aims to address "environmental racism" and "environmental justice," Ezra said, "So it's got nothing to do with clean air, clean soil, clean water. It's about queering the environment, radicalizing it, genderizing it, about transgenderizing it, about turning it into the next Marxist battleground."

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