Trudeau’s vaccination theatre exploits toddler flu death and promotes risky booster tactics

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shamelessly used a toddler’s tragic death to promote his umpteenth COVID-19 booster and flu shot, yet this endorsement of concurrent doses has not been established as safe by the manufacturers.

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Remember Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s strategic campaign during the 2021 snap election where he exploited Canadians' personal medical decisions, creating a divisive wedge issue between those who exercised their autonomy and those who succumbed to powerful mind control tactics nudging them into compliance?

It looks like he’s back at this kind of moral posturing (as booster uptake plummets nationally) with a post on X wherein the prime minister claims to have received two shots at once, although you don’t see him receive either.

The supposedly Honourable Prime Minister is clad in a shirt that says “VACCINES CAUSE ADULTS” which is a play on the phrase “vaccines cause autism” – because we don’t know exactly what causes autism, but we know for sure it’s not vaccines.

The shirt alludes to the idea that if you don’t vaccinate your children with the routine, childhood vaccines, they will die a slow and painful vaccine-preventable death.

This is up for debate if you ask research scientist Dr. Brian Hooker, who worked alongside CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to investigate the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's private database called the Vaccine Safety Data Link, which holds the vaccine records of 10 million Americans.

Nonetheless, how would COVID-19 vaccine-injured Canadians feel seeing this dehumanizing post by our prime minister? The same Canadians who cannot even get their injury documented or adequately diagnosed.

And what about that hashtag, #ForJudeForEveryone?

It’s used by the account For Jude for Everyone, highlighting the story of Jude as advocated and managed by his mother, Jill Promoli.

Promoli is a Mississauga-based photographer and schoolboard trustee who promotes vaccines through “public health advocacy” and has political aspirations with the Liberals.

She is also known for seizing the opportunity to feature her children in an emotionally evocative video for Trudeau’s 2019 virtue signally climate alarmism campaign.

The hashtag came about after the profoundly devastating and heart-wrenching loss of Promoli’s two year old son, Jude.

He tragically passed away in 2016, following complications of Influenza B, as determined by a pathologist. Thus began her vendetta to see every man, woman and child vaccinated with the flu shots.

News articles at that time clearly state that Jude was vaccinated, and his mother asserts that he became infected with the virus from his fully vaccinated school-attending sibling.

The CBC also stated that “Jude McGee died from influenza B last May, after getting his flu shot a few months earlier,” and “Doctors confirmed that Jude had died from a strain of influenza B.”

The article further notes that Promoli was shocked and confused at the time, “because Jude got the flu shot the previous December.”

To further reinforce the irony of Promoli’s vendetta, it was confirmed that the toddler’s vaccine “covered four strains of influenza, including the strain Jude contracted.”

Yet Pomeli advocates for everyone to receive the flu shot, even though it didn’t do anything to help her son from succumbing to the infection or stopping the alleged transmissibility from his vaccinated sibling.

And Trudeau shamelessly exploits his memory as a prop in this cringeworthy vaccine promotional video.

The prime minister spreads further misinformation by encouraging others to get their flu shots and COVID-19 injections at the same time, as though it’s safe, even though it directly contradicts the manufacturer's own safety data.

Both Pfizer and Moderna’s package insert clearly state that this has never been established as safe.

“No interaction studies have been performed. There is no information on the co-administration of COMIRNATY Omicron XBB.1.5 with other vaccines,” reads the COMIRNATY®Omicron XBB.1 package insert.

Moderna’s Spikevax XBB 1.5 says, under the “Drug Interactions” section, that “No interaction studies have been performed.”

Nada. None. Zip. Zilch.

It’s something that Rebel News has covered in depth in recent months. It was further discovered that Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) based the concurrent administration recommendation off of “operational and logistical reasons” because “concurrent administration of any dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with other vaccines has the potential to increase program efficiency and may also increase vaccine coverage.”

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