Trudeau wants no scrutiny and the Media Party complies

While visiting B.C., the prime minister demanded journalists remain quiet while covering him. Like faithful servants, the Media Party complied.

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What does Justin Trudeau-approved journalism look like? Well, on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we found a near perfect example.

The prime minister is on a tour in British Columbia, visiting the Okanagan region. Naturally, some members of the media are accompanying Trudeau. There's just one catch — the media isn't allowed to ask Trudeau questions, the peasant scribes can merely observe their regent.

And so the story “Trudeau's muted trip to Kelowna a Liberal success” was penned by a local B.C. reporter.

As Ezra explained, this is what Trudeau-approved journalism looks like:

Obedient. Cringeworthy. Propaganda. Humiliating. But they do it, because they’re beggars.

We don’t do that. But we’re amongst the only ones who don’t take government money.

You know, sometimes countries become dictatorships overnight — in a revolution. But sometimes it happens slowly, step by step. Hitler because chancellor in 1933; it took him six years to fully corrupt Germany and turn it into his Nazi dictatorship. Venezuela didn’t become a dictatorship overnight, either.

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