Trudeau Liberals give $1M a year to WWF to undermine oil and gas industry

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A new order paper response shows that the Kielburgers' WE Organization wasn't the only Liberal-linked charity getting rich off the backs of taxpayers under Justin Trudeau's watch.

The World Wildlife Fund, the foreign-funded so-called environmental charity once headed up by Gerald Butts, has received millions of dollars from the Liberal government over the last four years.

The WWF was previously a recipient of funding from the Tides Foundation, the environmental charity clearinghouse that uses smaller grants to smaller organizations to landlock Canadian oil and gas.

The order paper question from Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant (Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke) asked:

With regard to government grants contributions and contracts since January 1st 2016, what are the details of all grants, contributions or contracts given to the World Wildlife Fund or its international affiliates?

Here’s what was uncovered:

The WWF received $24,000 from Canadian Heritage as part of the “Canada 150” grant program to “connect with nature and create streetscapes” in Windsor, Ontario.

A whopping $1,000,000 flowed from Environment and Climate Change Canada and associated agencies to the WWF; $40,000 of that went to the WWF in Chile for “integrated conservation action.”

Environment and Climate Change, through the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, paid the WWF to participate in regional meetings about several offshore drilling projects, including the Tilt Cove exploration drilling project and West Flemish Pass exploration drilling project.

The WWF has a long history of anti-offshore drilling activism, which of course is exactly why the Liberals paid them for “consulting.”

In short: the DFO paid a total of $4 million to the World Wildlife Fund over the course of four years.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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