Trudeau's convicted criminal environment minister backs carbon tax despite record inflation

Steven Guilbeault spoke candidly during an interview about the need for the government to continue fighting to reduce emissions, even during an extremely difficult financial time for most Canadians.



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On April 4 2022, during an evening interview with a CPAC, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault shared his thoughts on the latest UN climate change report. Guilbeault revealed to the audience his personal thoughts on Canada’s role of leading the world with its ambitious goal of reducing emissions.

Guilbeault, 52, is a controversial choice for the role of environment minister give he was arrested and charged for climate activism in the early 2000s while working with Greenpeace. Guilbeault's past has sparked allegations of the minister having a “secret agenda” and that an eco-extremist is in charge of the country's policies.

Guilbeault began the interview by bragging about his policies which have increased the cost of living in Canada, with an increase coming to the unpopular carbon tax during the country's largest rate of inflation in 30 years.

“We’re putting in place regulations, we’ve used legislative tools like the price on pollution — which already is one of the highest in the world in Canada — and we’re an oil and gas producer, not a lot of oil and gas producers out there have a price on pollution,” Guilbeault said.

“Our biggest trading partner, the U.S., doesn't have one. So, I think people can now trust that we will get there, but there’s a lot of heavy lifting to get there,” the environment minister continued.

Canada is the world’s fifth largest producer and oil and natural gas, generating 5.23 million barrels per day, equating to 6% of the world’s total and totalling at 6.4% of Canada's economy in 2017.

When asked if provinces removing fuel taxes to help lower record-high gas prices runs counter to the federal carbon tax, Guilbeault admitted it did.

“It does go against our efforts to fight climate change. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we’ve gone through a pandemic, there is a terrible crisis happening now in Ukraine, we’re seeing inflation, but all these crises will go, but climate change will still be there, and climate change is killing people,” Guilbeault said.

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