Trump dominating Biden in battleground polls — can he keep it up?

Breitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak joins The Ezra Levant Show to look at whether Donald Trump can keep building more momentum ahead November's U.S. presidential election.

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Donald Trump is well out in front of President Joe Biden, according to recent polling from the New York Times that looked at key battleground states. Of the six swing states featured, the former president is leading the incumbent in five. Worse yet for Biden, Trump has taken a commanding lead in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada.

On Thursday's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowBreitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak joined the show to break down what this lead means for Trump, and whether Republicans can recapture control of the White House.

With the cost of living and housing rising, wars in the Middle East and Europe and more challenges facing the U.S., Joel told Ezra people are sensing Biden and the Democrats are doing a poor job compared to Trump's previous term.

But Trump looked well-positioned to win in 2020, before Biden's come-from-behind victory, spurred on by mail-in votes. Those rules are now more enshrined, and this poses a risk, Joel said:

Of course, we have a new voting system that is now institutionalized in this country that is called vote by mail. It's considered prone to fraud and that's why nobody else does it in the world, really.

But we're going to see if a surge for Donald Trump and the Republicans in November can make its way through this new system, or whether Democrats will be able to manipulate the system and take advantage of the system in a way that keeps Trump out of office. 

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