Tucker Carlson condemns arrest of David Menzies, says Rebel News is 'the one independent media organization remaining in Canada'

Carlson took aim at Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and commended Rebel News in a post today on X.

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Tucker Carlson, one of the most influential figures in media, condemned the arrest of David Menzies and applauded Rebel News in a recent video posted to the social media platform X.

Carlson spoke about the brutal arrest of David Menzies by RCMP officers after he attempted to ask Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland a few questions outside of an event.

"So what you have in a country like Canada — where you have an authoritarian government that's taken away civil liberties, a dying middle class, and no media — is you have almost nobody pushing back against the lies," the former Fox News host said.

"There is maybe one news organization left in Canada that does, that asks very simple questions of the people who run the country. 'Why are you doing this? Can you answer the question?' That's Rebel News."

Speaking about Freeland, Carlson said, "She now has power and she does not want to answer any questions from the one independent media organization remaining in Canada."

He added that "Canada has descended to an extremely dark place."

The Trudeau Liberals are currently under scrutiny once again as just yesterday a Federal Court judge ruled that invoking the Emergencies Act to quell the anti-mandate demonstrations in Ottawa and across the country was unconstitutional.

Freeland has been heavily criticized for using the Emergencies Act to work with banks to freeze the accounts of Freedom Convoy supporters.

If you agree that Justin Trudeau must resign now, please sign our petition at TrudeauMustResign.com.

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