UCP leadership review to determine fate of Alberta's Jason Kenney

The final vote count to determine if Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney has enough support from his party to remain leader is expected to be announced today.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss Alberta's UCP leadership review process and the fate of Alberta's current premier Jason Kenney.

The voting process for the leadership review has come under scrutiny as the party has recently incorporated mail-in ballots, which as witnessed in the United States, can spark confusion and distrust.

As reported by the Edmonton Journal, UCP’s chief returning officer, Rick Orman, commented on the voting process stating in part, “people are generally suspicious of processes like this in politics. So that’s why we got involved, because we believe in our party and we don’t want it discredited by a suspicion that there were things going on that were untoward.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney commented on the leadership review saying, “I’m feeling confident, but either way I’ll accept the verdict of our members about the future and I’m looking forward to moving on. If the members want to move on, they want to move on."

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