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UK Labour MP calls Rebel News 'far-right conspiracy theorists'

'There are also far right and conspiracy theory so-called news companies such a Rebel Media and Urban Scoop,' the MP exclaimed.

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A Labour Party MP named Alex Davies-Jones stood up in the U.K. Parliament to express her "concerns" over the government's online safety bill that is in the early stages of legislation.

However, her concerns are surrounding media organisations and "far-right figures who self-identify as jouranlists" that are looking to "exploit loopholes" in the bill.

This bill runs the risk of being used to silence people that the establishment does not like, and this MP is coming right out and saying just that. It's proof that not only us here at Rebel News, but other independent media organisations could face the chopping board in the years to come, where only establishment-approved media will be allowed to exist.

Watch my response video and make your own mind up.

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