Uncancelable: The Future of Comedy with the Danger Cats

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In the world of comedy, pushing boundaries is often seen as part of the art. However, when those boundaries are perceived to be crossed, the fallout can be swift and unforgiving. The Danger Cats — three comedians known for their edgy humor — found themselves at the centre of such a controversy, accused of racism and insensitivity. Their story highlights the fine line between comedy and offense, and the complex role of humor in addressing societal issues.

The Danger Cats have built a reputation for their bold and edgy comedy. The style of the three — Uncle Hack, Brett Forte and Sam Walker — involves tackling dark subjects, aiming to bring comedic relief to tough topics.

Controversy arose for the group with a series of jokes that critics deemed racist, followed by the release of a shirt featuring a reference to Robert Pickton, a notorious serial killer whose crimes had a profound impact on the Indigenous company.

The shirt, intended as a reminder of a dark chapter in Canada's history, was labelled by many as deeply offensive and disrespectful.

In exclusive interviews with the Danger Cats, the comedians share their side of the story and their reaction at the backlash to their jokes. Critics “are afraid of laughter,” Uncle Hack says.

Despite the controversy, the Danger Cats remain unapologetic about their mission to use comedy as a tool for social commentary. Instead of being concerned about "offensive" jokes, the group says they're more concerned about government's attempts to police comedy and other types of expression through censorship legislation like the 'online harms' bill, Bill C-63. 

Comedy can be a double-edged sword — it can cut deep but can also help heal and understand.

Rebel News explores the role of comedy plays in a free society and what the future holds for the industry in, Uncancellable: The Future of Comedy with The Danger Cats.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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