Undercover Inside The Heathrow Migrant Hotels

Hotels are filling up around the country and the UK's immigration system is on the brink of collapse.

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Migrants are crossing the English Channel in record numbers with more than 40 thousand this year alone. The UK government is struggling to find accommodation for the illegal migrants and has been housing migrants in hotels around the country, at the cost to the taxpayer of more than £6 million per day. The government plans to temporarily house the migrants whilst their asylum applications are processed to determine if they are genuine refugees or economic migrants.

Along with record numbers of illegal crossings, Britain is experiencing record numbers of asylum applications. This has led to a backlog in the asylum application process and means that many of the new arrivals could end up being housed in hotels for years whilst their applications are being processed.

When somebody is undergoing an asylum application in the UK they are unable to work but are entitled to a number of benefits such as housing, cash support, healthcare, education and child support. The housing of migrants in hotels has sparked outrage in parts the country with many criticising the government for helping migrants instead of homeless British people.

Rebel News Reporter Callum Smiles gained access to two hotels being used to house migrants just outside of Heathrow Airport, the Crowne Plaza and the Atrium. The Crowne Plaza has been referred to online as Little Albania because of its recent influx of Albanians, with other illegal immigrants complaining about violence and drug selling in the hotel.

Rebel News managed to gain exclusive footage from inside the hotels. This report contains never seen before footage showing just two of more than 200 migrant hotels around the country.

For more reports on the migrant crisis please visit MigrantReports.co.uk.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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