DEBUNKED: United Nations armoured trucks spotted in Toronto (not part of a vaccine conspiracy)

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Recently, social media went into DEFCON 1 mode. The reason? Some astute observers posted photos of what appeared to be seven armoured personnel carriers parked in north Toronto, some of which were festooned with United Nations decals.

And get this: those trucks just happened to be parked outside an Apotex pharmaceutical plant. But logistics aside, this is a story in which appearances are indeed very deceiving.

For starters, the building no longer belongs to Apotex.

An Apotex spokesman tells us that the building was sold a few years ago and is currently occupied by INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. On its website, INKAS notes that its armoured vehicle manufacturing arm is: “a world-leading producer of a wide range of special purpose vehicles, including executive SUVs, luxury sedans, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others."

We recently visited the plant and spoke to a company representative, who told us that some of the vehicles are indeed destined for the United Nations, which is one of their clients.

From what we can tell, those vehicles are likely destined for dangerous peacekeeping missions abroad, given the amount of armour.

Still, this has not stopped the leaps of logic regarding these trucks. At time of writing, our email inbox was still being flooded by people noting: “U.N. trucks seen in Toronto!”

Our take? This is actually a good news story — the idea is that there is still world-class manufacturing occurring in the City of Toronto — despite manufacturers having to deal with lockdown-happy governments and COVID craziness.

Alas, we realize there will still be those who shall remain certain that there is some kind of UN/vaccination conspiracy afoot here.

But consider this: those seven armoured vehicles represent millions of dollars in inventory.

If this was indeed some sort of nefarious scheme being hatched, don’t you think INKAS and/or the UN would be able to spring a few hundred dollars for coverings in order to hide the vehicles, and therefore prevent this nefarious “secret” from getting out?

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