United States Navy planning to promote “diversity, equity and inclusion”

United States Navy planning to promote “diversity, equity and inclusion”
US Pacific Fleet
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The United States Navy has announced plans for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” as part of the federal government’s overhaul to include woke initiatives as part of the Biden administration’s agenda.

On Monday, the Acting Secretary of the U.S. Navy Thomas Harker produced a memo outlining actions that the military branch intends to take to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. The memo states that the navy has appointed a Chief Diversity Officer of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Catherine Kessmeier, to lead a department overseeing these actions.

“Equal opportunity is the bedrock of our democracy and diversity ins one of our greatest strengths,” begins the memo, adding that “both are critical to the readiness of our Navy and Marine Corps team and, ultimately, to our mission success.”

The initiatives will be included across the navy’s “policies, programs, and operations across the enterprise.”

As part of her duties, Kessmeier will provide a 60-day review of contracting by Assistant Secretary of the Navy and General Counsel to “identify improvements needed to promote supplier diversity and ensure proper implementation in our contracts of Department of Defense/DON equal opportunity and diversity policies.”

Additionally, there will be a 60-day review of policies and conventions of naming ships, bases, and other assets with “recommendations to improve diverse representation.”

Other aspects of the overhaul include a 90-day review of precepts for selection and assignment boards to “remove potential barriers to diversity,” a 90-day review of the current level of diversity within the Senior Executive Service and the processes used to recruit and select Senior Executives — all for the sake of improving the “pace of diversity and the strength of the applicant pool,” and a 90-day review of grooming policies.

“I am confident that these measures will position the DON for mission success and advance warfighter readiness,” Harker concluded. “Further, these measures represent important steps toward building a culture where we embrace, encourage, and advocate an environment where all Sailors, Marines, and civilians are enabled to make their maximum contribution, their maximum impact to the DON mission, and are treated with dignity and respect as well as an environment with open, clear communication and operations, free from harassment and discrimination at all levels of the organization.”

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