Acceptable racism: University of Kansas to offer course in 'Angry White Male Studies'

'Does anyone really believe there are any valid statistics behind the premise that since the 1950s white males are becoming increasingly upset?' asked guest host David Menzies.

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On last Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies discussed the University of Kansas’s new course in ‘Angry White Male Studies’. 

Even at institutions closer to home, like McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., white male students are allegedly being told not to participate in class. Check out David’s interview from last month with Tyler, who claims that in a private conversation, an associate professor allegedly told Tyler that she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of him speaking in her class on the basis of his race and sex. 

“Undeniably, there’s a growing acceptance that being anti-white is good, not bad,” said David.

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