Update: Rebel News lawyer on legal challenge against COVID jails

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Lawyers for Rebel News, along with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms are hoping to put an end to this mandatory (and arbitrary) detention of Canadians.

Sheila Gunn Reid has been providing a summary of the legal challenge presented by Rebel News, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and a cannabis executive against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's forced detention of air travellers entering Canada. 

We've got great lawyers from JSS Barristers working on the case, including Sarah Miller, who is also working on our Charter challenge to the lockdown in Saskatchewan and representing Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Calgary.

Yesterday marked the last day of the trial and Adam Soos spoke to Sarah Miller to get an update on the case. 

If you'd like to help Rebel News fight Trudeau's COVID jail system in court, please help us cover our legal bills by donating at www.NoCOVIDJails.com

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