Vaccine passports put your personal information at risk

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke about how vaccine passports compromise you personal data. Look at this story in the Journal de Montreal, translated into English:

Your risky data on the vaccination passport
Fraudsters could easily know where you went and save your personal information

In less than 15 hours, hackers have created an application that allows you to copy the personal information included in the vaccination passport and track certain movements of Quebecers.

Now you’ll also have to expose that information to criminals and fraudsters just to go to a restaurant or gym. And it’s a safe bet that the entire file has already been hacked and downloaded into China’s security database. 

On vaccine passports Ezra said:

I don’t know what the importance of the vaccine passport even is — given that we now know that if you’re vaccinated, you can still spread the virus. So what exactly is the importance of carrying out this spyware on you — other than the spying part?

I mean, first it was one vaccine shot. Then it was two. Now it’s three. Now the billionaire profiteers at the vaccine companies are talking about annual shots.

So when the Journal de Montreal claims that it’s really, really important to have this spyware on your phone, they mean the spyware itself is important. Not any health claims, which have never been studied.

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