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Following Health Canada guidelines on mixing vaccines could get Canadians kicked off cruises

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A little update on what is happening at the moment with cruises in Canada, including in Quebec. After several calls with different companies, I concluded that none of them have the exact same policies on vaccination. It reminds me strangely of Canada, where no province acts exactly the same as the others.

Quebec initially praised the AstraZeneca vaccine, but later recommended it only for those over 65. In the span of a few weeks, the government then lowered the recommended age to over 30. The government now only recommends AstraZeneca for those over 18 who received it for a first dose, or for those who cannot get the mRNA vaccines, but many people have already received their first dose of AstraZeneca.

The WHO has cautioned against mixing vaccine doses, as there are no long-term data on possible side effects. Health Canada has once again decided to manage this in its own way. They have encouraged people to mix and match the type of injections that would allow them to be more protected against COVID-19 and for a longer period of time.

After two double-vaccinated passengers were turned away from a cruise due to having mixed doses of the vaccines, I looked into the matter. Some companies would only approve mixed courses of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Unfortunately, AstraZeneca is not included. Some companies simply refuse mixed vaccines altogether. 

So we have a government that strongly recommended the mixing of vaccines to the population, and now those people are seeing their promised freedoms suppressed simply due to having listened to their government. How long will people tolerate what is happening? Is this what could happen on airlines, too? 

How far will people’s tolerance go? If like me, you find things are going too far, please go to to support us and to sign our petition against these extreme measures.

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  • By Mocha Bezirgan

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